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CompuClaims, LLC

Providing Affordable Medical Billing Services

Either using our cloud based billing system or remotely accessing yours, you will always be in control of your clients and able to view everything associated with each client.


My Services

Do you know the difference between a legal and illegal write off? Do you know the simple but overlooked steps to help your bottom line? CompuClaims, LLC has the knowledge and expertise to quickly and efficiently keep you updated on legal and billing issues related to each specific practice.

For nearly a decade, CompuClaims, LLC has been the claims management specialist of health care providers in Ohio. I am committed to assisting my clients in achieving optimal reimbursement with increased cash flow and maintaining ethical standards of compliance while ensuring correct, timely filings.

I provide:

  • A detailed monthly report pertaining to your A/R
  • Complete follow-up and claims denial management
  • Responses to patient inquiries on accounts and/or insurance policy
  • Payments and correspondence sent directly to your office

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