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CompuClaims, LLC

Increasing Cash Flow, Maximizing Reimbursement, and Managing Accounts Receivable

This is what CompuClaims, LLC can do for you. Let us take the burden of patient phone calls on their balances and working with the insurances on payments. Giving you time to be there for your patients.


Know More About CompuClaims, LLC

Hello! I’m Kathy Dye, owner of CompuClaims, LLC in Franklin, Ohio. I provide medical billing services, such as increasing cash flow, maximizing reimbursement, and managing accounts receivable. I specialize in, but not limited to, behavioral health, speech and occupational therapy, chiropractic, and general medicine fields. I cater to clients all over Ohio.

On the one hand, my advanced technology allows medical personnel to concentrate on patient care. On the other hand, my billing specialist will answer all billing inquiries from your patients and provide them with easy-to-understand patient statements. There is no need for equipment or software. Therefore, your staff will no longer address patient inquiries, which no longer requires them to be trained in this specific area.

I am confident in my team’s ability to process your claims accurately that we do not require a binding or lengthy contract. On top of that, all providers have access to their accounts, and all of the money does not come in contact with me.

Mission Statement

My goal is to let health care providers save time and energy while conducting their internal processes. I also aim to improve the health care system by providing services that will allow patients to receive fast, reliable, and convenient treatments.

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