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CompuClaims, LLC

Keeping Health Care Providers Focused on Their Work

Aside from guaranteeing the overall health and wellness of patients, health care providers must also assure their financial stability.


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Do you know the difference between a legal and illegal write off?



Familiarize yourself with CompuClaims, LLC serving all of Ohio. Browse the most


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My goal is to let health care providers save time and energy while conducting their 


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Aside from guaranteeing the overall health and wellness of patients,


Ready to take a big deep breath and work on your passion of medicine? 

Do you really know what is and isn’t being paid? Do you know what claims have been denied incorrectly? Do you know how many claims are sitting in a desk drawer and need follow-ups?

A recent survey shows that most doctors with in-house billing spend as much as 1 ½ to 2 hours a day supervising or working on insurance claims. Moreover, the Medical Group Management Journal shows that the average cost of internal billing accounts for 11% of the total income of health care providers.

CompuClaims, LLC charges much less, and our certified medical billing specialist will give you enough time to work on the more important aspects of your patient care. I am committed to filing your claims efficiently and providing you with detailed monthly report. I will keep you in control and informed on where your finances exactly stand.

CompuClaims, LLC is HIPAA-compliant. I handle follow-ups, full accounts, denials management, and workers’ compensation and personal injury. More importantly, I do not issue lengthy contracts and set-up fees. Contact me to learn more about my services and to schedule a free consultation.

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Hello! I’m Kathy Dye, owner of CompuClaims, LLC in Franklin, Ohio.

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